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Dom Pérignon is driven by one unyielding, absolute commitment: every vintage bears witness to a single year. With every vintage, Dom Pérignon pursues its never-ending quest of a deep aesthetic ideal: creating and revealing harmony from an everchanging nature. Dom Pérignon never compromises on this creative ideal – choosing to remain silent and not declare a vintage when a year falls short of this ideal. THE FOUNDING MYTH

In 1668, Dom Pierre Pérignon, a young Benedictine monk is appointed procurator at the Abbey of Hautvillers, overlooking Champagne.

Successfully endeavoring to transmute wine into champagne, Dom Pierre Pérignon embodies champagne’s original and mystical act of creation.

Dom Pierre Pérignon’s ambition and creative legacy have inspired the Maison since its birth – and still do THE CELLAR MASTER

Vincent Chaperon became Dom Pérignon Chef de cave in 2019, after a thirteen-year apprenticeship alongside Richard Geoffroy, Dom pérignon former Chef de Cave.

Vincent sees Dom Pérignon’s vision – harmony as a source of emotion – as a true raison d’être. This vision imparts meaning to his creative ambition and guides him in the missions entrusted to him: Reinventing the champagne each year to surprise and delight, balancing the constraints of the year and the uniqueness of Dom Pérignon.

Drawing inspiration from the origins of the Maison, Vincent Chaperon perpetuates Dom Pérignon’s aesthetic ideal; nurtures its creative heritage, and brings his expertise as well as his sensibility.
“We must intimately know our vineyards and our wines, we have to pamper them, learn to love them to create assemblages that strive for harmony.”